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All she wanted was a mother’s love 


 Penny’s childhood was spent in the shadows of her mother’s business schemes, leaving her feeling alone. It fell to  Lorna, her mother’s acquaintance, to take care of the lonely little girl, but the rejection always cut deep.


 When Penny turns sixteen and tragedy strikes, Lorna’s cousin Maureen, a feisty ex-stripper from London, strides into her  life. Penny determines to make her own way in the world and, with Maureen, throws herself into a thrilling new life on the  grimy streets of Soho. She makes new friends, but can’t avoid crossing the paths of some very dangerous men.


 In this seedy world of dancing girls and gangsters Penny must grow up quickly, she must be brave, and she’s forced to  face the truth about some very dark secrets from her past.




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