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cuckoocandlePublished by Orion in 2003.

This is my debut novel, and the first of the candle lane series. Sally Jones is an only child and a lonely child, unable to understand why her father hates her. Much of Sally's time is spent hiding in her room, away from his wrath. Her only escape is when her mother takes her to see her aunt and uncle, and lacking a man's love she makes a bee line for Uncle Harry, this love misguided, tearing the family apart. Sally's life changes when new neighbours arrive in Candle Lane and she forms a friendship with their daughter.

Shortly after her father has an affair, abandoning them and it is Elsie Jones who helps her mother to pick up the pieces. Elsie also recognizes Sally's psychic abilities, and as she grows into a teenager, encourages her to use spiritual healing. Family life is at the heart of Candle Lane; the ups and downs of marriage and the parent-child bond - ranging from the worst excesses of childhood sexual abuse to a maternal love so devoted that a mother will collude to break a young girl's heart in order to protect her own son.


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