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outcastchildPublished by Orion in 2004.

In this evocation of working-class South London set in the 1950's, I explore the themes of love and loss, showing life at its best, brightest and very darkest moments. Drama and heartbreak wreak havoc in the life of young Daisy Bacon, guardian of her Cousin Lizzie who, a grown woman in body and appearance, has the innocent and trusting nature of a child.

When Daisy's mother is run over and killed outside their house, she retreats into a world of silence. Blaming herself for the accident, she is unable to utter a word. When her father remarries, Daisy's family home becomes a prison, with her stepmother Vera as the cruel jailer. It is Cousin Lizzie, who will always remain a child, who brings sunshine back to Daisy's life. However, only when Henry Bacon discovers his new wife's shocking secret does Daisy herself find true happiness, and in a way that she could never have anticipated.


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