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sinsfatherSins Of The Father Published by Avon/Harper Collins in 2000.

DESPERATE...Left to raise eight siblings after her mother's death, 17 year old Emma Chambers faces a daily battle with hunger and her father's drunken rages. She is offered a way out. If she marries landlord Horace Bell ,twenty years her senior - Emma can swap poverty for comfort.

DEGRADED...But Horace soon reveals his true, sadistic colours. Emma is thankful when he eventually abandons her, until she realises she is penniless and in peril. A chance meeting plants an idea in her mind. All her life, men have taken advantage of her. Now it is time for the tables to turn.

IN DANGER...Years later, and Emma has built up a successful business on South London's meanest streets. But then tragedy strikes, and it becomes clear that someone has been watching Emma, intent on revenge.


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