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purchase helvetica,sans-serif;">mothersruinMother’s Ruin - The revised second and third books in the Candle Lane trilogy now in paperback When her beloved grandmother had a stroke, Sally moves back to Candle Lane to care for her, but Sadie’s illness has made the once wise woman, bigoted and bad tempered. However, their problems seem nothing compared to Tommy, the little ruffian who lives next door. With an absentee father and alcoholic mother, Tommy has a hard life. Sally’s mother, Ruth, sees the good in him and takes him under her wing, but his violent and unpredictable mother has other ideas. Meanwhile, the lack of privacy is testing for Sally’s husband, Arthur.

  Cracks appear in their once strong relationship, especially as temptation for Arthur is close at hand. Can their once strong marriage survive - or is divorce inevitable? Though devastated by Arthur’s behaviour, Sally thinks that her four year old daughter, Angela has inherited her psychic abilities, and this proves to be true when the child predicts a future that none of then could ever have foreseen. Sally is now faced with a decision, but will it be the right one?


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